Putting Together the Right Elevators for Your Building

Whether you’re replacing, upgrading, or starting from scratch, choosing the appropriate elevators to meet your needs calls for careful analysis and consideration of available options. It’s hard to make the right decisions without contemplating the reasons and purpose for your elevators. Recognizing Limitations If you’re designing a new building or addition, your main limitations will… more »

The Right Mechanic Keeps Your Elevators Safe

Commercial building owners and managers carry heavy responsibilities to keep their properties profitable and in top shape. The most important priority that encompasses everything they do, however, is the safety of every single person who works, occupies, or enters the structure. For multi-level buildings, safety concerns include the elevators that carry people from floor to… more »

3 Ways Elevator Modernization Saves You Money

As elevator technology continues to develop, a number of benefits come along with modernizing. You may see an increase in the value of your property; you may see safer elevators and an increase in traffic in your building. One of the main benefits you’ll see; however, is the cost savings. Here is how elevator modernization… more »

Maintenance Plans for Elevator Operations

In an effort to protect citizens across the country, the federal government mandates safety guidelines for industries like transportation and pharmaceuticals. Many do not realize that through the assistance of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are also codes and regulations for elevator safety. Millions… more »

3 Ways Elevator Modernization Can Improve Your Operations

Managing the operations of a building is a little like managing a diverse ecosystem. There is a cast of many with defined roles, needs, and responsibilities, and layers upon layers of dependencies and synergies required to maintain a safe, efficiently operating building. Elevators play an essential role in building operations, affecting efficiency and determining the… more »

How to Prepare Your Elevator for Winter

As winter approaches, there is a lot that you have to prepare for in your building. Taking the time to prepare your elevators and machine rooms for winter temperatures is important because it will help avoid damage to the elevators and unscheduled shutdowns. To keep your passengers safely moving, there are some practical steps that… more »