Code Compliance

ADA Elevator Code Requirements

Over the years, safety regulations and ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) guidelines for elevators and escalators have changed, and compliance often depends on the type and age of your equipment, and its classification of use, not to mention your geographic location.

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Cooper Landing_Building A_ New Machines InstalledSetting the benchmark for standards, and adopted by most states and major cities, is the National Elevator Code, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, A17.1 (ASME A17.1). This code is published every three years, with annual updating to reflect evolving safety standards and new technology.

Whether you have just purchased a building or are planning to modernize your elevator, code compliance is an important consideration in the management of your equipment. If you are unsure about the compliance of your elevators, escalators, or other vertical transportation equipment, we can survey it and provide you with a list of appropriate recommendations.

More About ADA Standards

Current ADA guidelines for elevators address many areas, including:

  • Automatic operation of floor leveling
  • Hall call buttons and lanterns for access, visibility and audibility
  • Car controls and illumination
  • Door and signal timing for calls
  • Raised/Braille Characters
  • Protective door operation
  • Floor plan and cab dimensions
  • Emergency features and two-way communication systems
  • Handrail height

Learn more about ADA Accessibility Guidelines for elevators, escalators and other vertical platform lists.