Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance

Escalator and Elevator Maintenance Services


The safe operation and lifespan of your elevator depends on the daily wear and tear it endures, and the consistency and thoroughness of the preventive care it receives.

Protect your investments in equipment, and the people who use it.

Our comprehensive preventive elevator and escalator maintenance programs are delivered on a regular schedule, tailored to the unique use, condition, and history of the equipment, and the concerns of the building owner or facility manager.

We cover five core areas when we service your equipment:
  1. Machine 2_MWRide Quality – from the user’s point of experience
  2. Safety – examination of all safety mechanisms and related devices
  3. Operation – detailed inspection of the electronics and software
  4. Machinery – cleaning, lubrication, adjustment of devices, inspection of leaks
  5. Cleanliness – inspection and cleaning of all areas adjacent to the equipment. Clean equipment and a tidy work environment are essential to good elevator care.

Elevators and escalators are often the most expensive equipment installed in a building. Our maintenance programs will improve your ability to manage the cost of ownership, and ensure that your equipment will meet or exceed its life expectancy.

Find out how our comprehensive preventive maintenance programs will protect your equipment, and your investment.
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