State Testing – Escalators and Elevators

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We work closely with state and third party elevator inspectors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, to coordinate the state testing

process for our clients. We are also perform other equipment tests as needed to verify the integrity of equipment.

State Mandated Elevator Testing

Elevators and other vertical transportation equipment are subject to state testing requirements to ensure that equipment meets current safety standards.  State testing requirements vary from state to state and depend on the equipment you have and the classification of the building. To learn more, download the State Testing FAQs.

Other Testing

Sometimes testing is needed to ensure the integrity of older equipment, or equipment that may have been compromised due to severe weather, such as Super Storm Sandy.  We provide pressure testing services and assessments of potentially compromised equipment, when circumstances warrant it.

Please call us if you have any questions related to state testing or other equipment testing:  856.324.0621.