Expert Repairs

Expert Escalator and Elevator Repairs

When we assess an elevator or escalator in need of repair, one simple but important question we ask is, “why is this happening?”





Getting to the root of why a component has failed or the reason behind a recurring problem is essential to extending the life of equipment. Our technicians have gone through a rigorous five-year education and apprenticeship program where they develop the skills and expertise to diagnose problems and properly repair the equipment:

  • Classroom lectures, course work and examination
  • Hands-on training
  • 5 years of mentoring and apprenticeship
  • Factory training from major manufacturers

Our technicians have gone through a rigorous five-year education, hands-on training, and apprenticeship program.

Allied Elevator is a local elevator, escalator, and vertical lift company servicing Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Delaware without the red tape and complicated purchasing and management processes of bigger companies. For our clients, we are able to be a much more nimble service partner, acting quickly to order parts and expedite work schedules, often cutting weeks off of the repair schedules of larger companies.

If you are frustrated with the slow response to your repair request, unsure of the recommended repair work, or are concerned about a recurring problem, give us a call (856.324.0621) to see if we can get things moving faster for you — and get those repair headaches behind you.

Avoiding Unnecessary Repairs

Comprehensive preventive maintenance for your elevator is the best way to avoid unnecessary repairs, recurring issues, and increasing downtimes.  If you are not enrolled in a preventive maintenance program, consider it as your first line of protection for your equipment.

Frustrated with recurring problems? Call us:  856.324.0621.