Three Essentials Of High Quality Preventive Maintenance

Elevators are a core component of a building’s operations. They are also one of the most expensive aspects of a building’s construction costs and operational expense. Whether getting people to their office, moving them to and from their home, providing access to business or medical services, or moving freight, people depend on elevators to move reliably, safely, and on time and that is why all business owners need quality preventive maintenance.

How do you know if your elevators are receiving the level of technical expertise and care needed to protect people and this valuable asset?

There are three essential ingredients to high-quality preventive maintenance:

1. Your Mechanic

Quality service and technical care start with your mechanic. Specific knowledge and training on your equipment are critical, and so is the time in the field racking up practical experience in troubleshooting and meticulously maintaining equipment, and proactively managing their on-hand inventory of common parts. But all mechanics aren’t the same — the care and pride they bring to the job are where the magic happens in keeping your elevators running smoothly, safely, and past their life expectancy.

2. Diagnostic Tools, Quality Parts

Having the proper diagnostic tools for your equipment – and knowing how to use them — is vital to a mechanic’s ability to effectively troubleshoot and quickly get to the root cause of a problem. The right diagnostic tools can also avoid spending money on the wrong repair. But when repairs are necessary, choosing well-made and reliable replacement parts is a crucial factor in proper care.

3. Time, Process Management

Comprehensive preventive maintenance requires time and a structured approach to ensure that proactive, quality care is delivered consistently. Short cuts and the sloppy process won’t get it done.

High-quality preventive maintenance is a time saver for Property managers and a safeguard for a building owner’s investment. Allied Elevator selectively employs expert technicians to maintain, repair and modernize elevators. Find out how we can protect one of your building’s most valuable assets by calling us at 856-209-6747 or sending an email today!