How to Prepare Your Elevator for Winter

As winter approaches, there is a lot that you have to prepare for in your building. Taking the time to prepare your elevators and machine rooms for winter temperatures is important because it will help avoid damage to the elevators and unscheduled shutdowns. To keep your passengers safely moving, there are some practical steps that will prepare your elevator for winter.

Control the Climate

Your hydraulic oil has to remain at a set temperature between 85 and 96 degrees. A first step is to manage the climate of the machine room, particularly if it is outside. Another option is to have a tank heater installed by your maintenance provider, which will keep the oil warm. And if it is time to replace the power unit, consider a power unit that has a control valve that adjusts for oil viscosity and provides a more comfortable ride. These units are also much quieter — and they come with a slightly higher price tag, which may be worth the investment for the noticeably qualitative difference.

Install a Backup Battery

Power outages occur often in the winter. The last thing that you want is for your elevator to stop working in case of a sudden power outage. Generators have typically been the backup strategy for buildings. With code and environmental quality changes, the use of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) batteries as a backup is on the rise.

Lubricate Steel Rails

In cold weather, the lubricant dries up and causes friction. You’ll probably notice that this has happened if you start hearing loud noises when your elevator operates. Good preventive maintenance keeps the rails well lubricated before winter and during.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

The most practical step you can take in is to have your elevator receive regular, high-quality preventive maintenance from a company you trust to be proactive and to provide you with solid recommendations to protect your equipment and keep your elevators running, regardless of seasonal temperature changes.

Elevator care and safety is a year-round concern. Take the steps to prepare your elevator today. If you are concerned about the winter’s effects on your elevator, ask your service provider for their recommendation, or start a conversation with Allied Elevator by calling 856-324-0621. Stay safe and warm this winter!

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