The Four Main Elevator Doors to Choose From

Unless you work in the elevator industry, you may have come to believe that all doors are essentially the same. While they certainly are similar, there are a few features that make each type unique. The following breaks down the four main types of elevator door options. Discover which type is best for your building.  

Single-Speed Side Open

With this type, the door slides one way, either to the left or right to let people in or out of the cab. This is the most cost-effective type of elevator door style and it is commonly found on older buildings. It is ideal for building designs where the elevator shaft is built into a wall and there is more space on one side of that wall than the other.

Two-Speed Side Open

When there is not enough wall space to store a full metal door, property managers may consider two-speed center doors. These use a double-panel door that slides in one motion. One door slides behind the other and then both disappear into one side of the wall. This helps to reduce the need to have spaces between the elevator cabs that are the full width of the elevator door.

Single-Speed Center Open

This is the standard elevator option that you find in most buildings, especially more modern setups. With this type, the elevator doors open by pulling apart and then close by coming back together. Usually, both doors are of the same size, so there has to be enough space on either side of the wall to temporarily store the doors when they open.

Two-Speed Center Open

This elevator door style combines elements of the three options above. It is a lot less common and has more moving parts. In fact, this one has four panels. Two panels slide to the left and two to the right. The double panels on either side stack up behind each other to save space.

Choosing the right doors for the elevators at your business comes down to more than just aesthetics. Contact the experienced professionals at Allied Elevator by calling 856-372-5512 or sending us an email for assistance with choosing the right door.